Sage Could Never.

I used to be afraid of the sea. I mean, worst fear, afraid. It is all bodies of water, really. Except for pools. I can see my feet in those. I couldn’t even stand to see people swimming in water on TV. It gave me the chills just thinking about it.

This all changed last summer when I moved to Virginia Beach. I faced my fear. I did it! I went into the ocean, with my now best friend, and I really haven’t been out since. Lol. No, for real though, I pretty much live there now. The beach is my happy place. The salty air, and cool sea water. The seagulls flying overhead, begging for one bite of whatever you have. The kids playing in the water down the beach. The sun setting. The group of people on paddle boards. The DOLPHINS playing. I saw dolphins, for the first time, last week. Finally. It was the most magical moment I have felt in a long time. It was like they were sent for me to see in that very moment.

I don’t know how to explain the feeling I get when I step into the ocean. I do know that sage could never compete with the cleansing I get while in that water. I go in sad, I come out happy and refreshed. I go in feeling the weight of the world on my chest, and I come out feeling as if it has all been washed away. Even just for a little while. I feel so powerful. In that moment, I feel like I can conquer everything thrown my way. I can make it through the higher mortgage payment for the next few months. I can handle my new mental health diagnosis and treatment. I can do this. I can handle the pressure can make the best of whatever situation is being thrown at me. I can live. I can be happy.

For me, the ocean is the best cleanse I could get. There is just something about going out there, feeling weightless, letting the waves take you, and just giving it to God, or whatever you believe in. I use the ocean the same way people use sage to cleanse their auras and space. I’ve started spraying it in the corners of my home, instead of smoke cleansing. I say a mantra and I manifest the same positive energy; except I feel it is stronger. Sage could never. At least not for me.

I love the rain. I love the storms. But the sea…. Wow. It is the most powerful, happiest place I can be. Maybe I am just a sea witch at heart? Look, all I know is sage could never harvest the kind of power I feel from the sea. God meant for me to be here. In those moments, I feel as if He made me for the sea and the sea for me.

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