Interview with my deck: Work You Light

Updated: Jun 14

I have created my own set of interview questions for interviewing your decks. This can be a fun way to get to know them. I am starting a series of blog posts where I interview a deck and post it. Today I interviewed my newest deck, Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell.

A quit review of this deck: I love it. It is produced by Hay House so OF COURSE it is perfection. The colors are gorgeous, and the words flow so well. The book for this deck I feel like is great. One of the better ones I have seen. I will say this is a deck more for deep personal workings. This isn’t a deck to use on a sitter unless you guys are working on healing. It is not really a deck to use in “future telling” type of readings if that is what you’re into doing.

Now for the interview:

1) Tell me about youself.

o Card: Answer The Call

o Page #: 36

o Interpretation: The personality of this deck is way too selfless for this question. The whole purpose of this deck is to heal you. Every card I have seen has been a card that hits my soul on a deep personal level. This deck just doesn’t give a good answer to this question.

2) Tell me about myself?

o Card: Starseed

o Page # 50

o Interpretation: I am a soul with a double mission. I am an old soul. (this is something I have always known, and if you know me, odds are, you know it too). I am constantly feeling like time is running out. I feel this deeply. I always feel like I need to rush. Like I am on a deadline. This card says that I am a “Starseed” and I need to answer the call. All I do is dim my light. It is time to start living and treat my time on earth as a vacation.

3) What are you here to teach me?

o Card: The ever-unfolding rose

o Page #: 24

o Interpretation: Life is happening for me, not to me. Man, those are the words right there. They hit me hard. I will be honest here and say I can be very “woe is me” when things go wrong. I am in the middle of probably the darkest time I have had. I’m not good at life. Or at least, that is what it feels like sometimes. This card is telling me I am in the middle of a transition period which can’t be closer to the truth. “Everything is going to be okay. Let is crack you open.” Whatever I am going through, is happening because it needs to.

4) What do you need from me?

o Card: Unbound

o Page #: 108

o Interpretation: This one was really eye opening. This card is telling me that what this deck needs from me is for me to make room for new routines. It asks me to need to release old soul patterns, vows, and contracts. I need to clear out all of the patterns that no longer serve me. I also need to allow antient vows and contracts my soul may have made in past lives to expire. I need to unwind and unbind myself from my soul’s old ways.

5) What is/was your first impression of me?

o Card: Trust the niggle. *Niggle- cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety

o Page #: 52

o Interpretation: I am being stubborn. I have a calling, I sense the “niggle” feeling constantly but I DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. I have honestly been avoiding my guides because I feel like I have let them down. This card helped me see that this couldn’t be more wrong. My guides are with me no matter what. I am safe. I need to just go with it and lose my fear.

6) What do I need to know right now?

o Card: Transformation

o Page #: 106

o Interpretation: First off, I would like to point out that every time I searched for a meaning in the book, I opened or stopped on this card. Then it basically throws itself out of the deck at me. Things are changing, I need to release my old ways and embrace a new way of living. This is a lot like a previous card I pulled. I need to embrace the way I want to be instead of being stuck the way I am. I need to heal my inner child. I also need to take better care of my body. I fix my body, I fix my mind.

*** What is my overall feeling of after the interview? ***

This deck is going to be important in healing myself. I think it is going to be very gentle with the process too. I am going through a major life shift and this deck will allow my guides to help me through it. I already feel like I have an amazing connection with this deck. I really think this was a deep interview. I have a lot to learn and heal using this deck.

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