Controversial Topic: Can you do both?

Updated: Jan 11

Did anyone else find that offensive? Even if you don’t identify as a “witch” you can’t tell me that didn’t come off hurtful. It’s 2021, I mean come on! This year has brought so many victories in different communities of our nation. It is time to change the definition. I have met more kind and accepting people who identify as witches than any other community I have been around. Why do we have to label it?

Let’s back it up. My path is different than most people who identify as a witch. I have run into a lot of backlashes for how I do what I do. “Technically” I am just a girl who loves to use prayers and herbs to help people, but if I had to label myself in the metaphysical world, then I guess I would be considered a Christian Witch, and that is not a well-received term in this community. What I mean is, I follow the Christian faith, I believe in and have a deep connection with God, I do all things with him in my heart, but I also use tools to connect with Him that are considered tools for witchcraft. I read tarot and oracle (I even have a Christian Oracle deck which is an important story in my spiritual journey but that’s for a different time). I make prayer candles, that someone in other walk of witchcraft would refer to as spell candles. I pray over my ingredients. I pray over my products. I pray for my business. I pray for those who come to me for help, and those that don’t. I pray before any big business decision. God is the base for everything I do both personally and in business.

What I do is not well-received to most Christians either. I help people. I feel called by God to do what I am doing. Yet, because I follow the path I truly feel called to, I am a bad Christian and shouldn’t consider myself one. Here is the thing, though. My relationship with God is just that. MY relationship. I will not be bullied into denying Christ because what I do is untraditional and hard for some to wrap their head around. Why is it wrong to help people? Why is it wrong to bring clarity to someone? To unlock their subconscious thoughts so they can figure out what they need to do to move on? That’s how I use Tarot. The answers are already there, sometimes we just need help unlocking them.

I can’t help but think that if someone took even a moment to ask me, I could explain what I do. Instead, I have been ridiculed by both sides. I guess I just don’t know where I fit in. Luckily, I have no problem standing out. There is a community of people like me out there, they’re just in hiding. I have been hiding my true self and abilities for years because I was afraid. I was in such a dark place until I openly started sharing my true self with people. I had to stop caring what people would say. I know that I am doing what I need to be doing. I don’t need anyone else to validate that anymore. I have been closer to God than I have ever felt in my whole life. As a Christian, isn’t that all we truly want?

God put crystals with amazing properties on the earth. He put herbs with natural healing properties here too. Why? Do you really think we shouldn’t tap into the beautiful gifts He has provided? He doesn’t do anything unintentionally. As a wonderful pastor I recently met said, “There are no coincidences.” Yeah, you read that right. I met a pastor who came into a metaphysical market and bought herbal healing products from me. Someone who leads a church, yet also uses herbal and crystal healing. Someone who had zero judgments as we talked about God and my path. Someone who touched my heart, and I will never forget. When I explained to her that I suppressed my empathic abilities my whole life she said exactly what I needed to here. “If God gave you a gift, you were made to use it.” That is acceptance. That is Christian. That is love.


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