The face behind The Wild Leo.

Hey y’all, I’m Kember! I grew up in TN and live in Norfolk, VA now. I’m a busy, stay at home, homeschool mom of 3 so my life is one heck of an adventure. I am on a spiritual, self love, mental health, and self acceptance journey. I like to say I am a recovering pessimist. It’s taken a lot of self discovery, apologizing, and praying but I’m able to have a positive outlook on life and try hard to be a light to everyone I meet. TheWild Leo has been a dream come true for me. I’m helping people, and doing what I love! I’m in the process of adding my products to some metaphysical shops in the area and I am at events most weekends! Everything I do, I do with God by my side. That can be a touchy subject in the metaphysical community, but I will always be proud of being a Christian based business. I have found an amazing community to be part of in Portsmouth, VA and they accept me as I am and support my path.  Thank you so much for supporting my dreams.

-Kember, The Wild Leo

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